Case Study: How mint and Facebook Helped Pepsi to Increase Awareness with a Bot for Messenger


Case Study: How mint and Facebook helped Pepsi Thailand to increase brand awareness with a bot for Messenger

The soft-drink brand ran a brand awareness campaign to reinforce its connection to a young audience with music by engaging its audience through a bot for Messenger, resulting in a 5-point increase in awareness.



Pepsi is one of the most popular carbonated soft drink brands in Thailand, and has a long tradition of running annual summer brand campaigns related to popular music to connect with people from different backgrounds.


The Goal

Connecting through music

The brand wanted to reignite its association with music and reconnect with a younger audience in Thailand by creating an interactive experience in its regular summer campaign.


The Solution

Creating a unique experience

Pepsi’s brand awareness campaign focused on music and incentivised people to use a specially created augmented reality (AR) filter to win prizes via its bot for Messenger. Pepsi worked closely with mint (aka mInteraction) and Mindshare, a creative and media agency, and with Facebook to conceptualise the interactive campaign and experience.

During the campaign period, each Pepsi can featured a QR code that people could scan, directing them to the brand’s bot for Messenger. The campaign also used videos ads that featured well-known Thai singers encouraging people to scan these codes. The short 15-second videos were created in accordance with Facebook’s mobile-first principles, using a vertical format and designed to convey its message without sound.


The bot for Messenger incentivised people to use a fun and engaging AR filter, play the music of their favourite singers and create their own music videos to express themselves in a creative way. They then could share these with family and friends to collect points and exchange them for rewards such as movie and concert tickets.


The brand used reach and frequency buying to reach Thais aged 15–39 on both Facebook and Instagram several times during the 2.5-month campaign period.



The Results

Winning with fun and games

Pepsi’s unique branding campaign was the result of a great collaboration between Facebook, the brand and the agency, generating an engaging experience and stellar results:


5-point increase in campaign awareness (among 18- to 24-year-olds)

3.7-point increase for brand favourability

13.4-point increase in brand credibility (among 35- to 44-year-olds)

2-point increase in association with music in January–April 2019 (compared to January–April 2018)


Thitirat Tantirittisak, General Manager of mint, commented, “This campaign has shown the importance of collaboration between brands, agencies and Facebook. Working closely together from the start, we were able to conceptualise a stronger and more innovative brand campaign that achieved better results.”